• Create a template site that can easily be duplicated for employer-sponsor groups and includes three products—identity protection, mobile device protection, and home appliance protection
  • Template should be created in a way that makes it easy to strip out product information if not all three products are offered.
  • Simple navigation so it's easy to find product information and make a purchasing decision.


phase i – flow + Mockups

  • Created a site map that identified the pages needed.
  • Gathered all product information and developed value prop around protection.
  • Mocked up the home page (both when all three products are included or only one or two) + product overview page.


phase ii – style concept

  • Color palette was provided by the client.

  • Selected images that represented the three products being offered.


phase iii – final product

  • Final template site presented audience with a complete overview of each product—what it is, price and drive to purchase.