• Develop new messaging that speaks to our “why” and our reason for being versus speaking about “what” we offer.

  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing.

  • Design with responsiveness in mind and be authentic.

  • Build framework with regular updates, future growth and product offerings in mind.


phase i – research

  • Conduct market research and gather feedback from recent focus groups.

  • Gather the latest data on website usability, eye-tracking studies, Google Analytics, SEO—anything and everything.

  • Review websites, both within the industry and outside of it (Apple to Microsoft to Callaway to REI to Benefit Cosmetics and more).

  • Provide an honest evaluation of our existing website in terms of messaging, whether things were too long to read, and the user experience on mobile devices.


phase ii – style concept + Flow + mockups

  • Developed new messaging: defined our reason for being (our “why”) versus “what” services we offer. Turn that messaging into great web copy—easy to digest and the elimination of buzzwords.
  • Laid the foundation, starting with GA’s three pillars—core services, our in-house technology, and our partnership approach.
  • Developed strong CTAs (calls to action) throughout to help navigate the site.
  • Mocked-up wireframes to sketch a layout that would perform well on all devices.
  • Replace fake offices and professional models (stock photography) with shots of actual GA employees working in the office.
  • Incorporated colors with purpose, which laid the groundwork for updated design standards—color palettes, image treatments, fonts, etc. that could be replicated in other materials.


phase iii – final product

  • The final product was presented to the management team, internal staff, and company investors for review, feedback, and/or approval.

  • The site successfully launched January 2016.

  • Developed campaign to increase awareness of a new site launch. Campaign included a hidden “easter egg” that encouraged users to visit the site and check out the new messaging and content. In comparison to the day before the campaign launch, page views increased by 1,189.87%; visitors increased by 389.47%; and the average time spent on the site increased by 395.91%.

websiteKristyna Murphy