National Restaurant Association


  • Create an Employer Benefits Marketplace to provide information on the products available to employers that are a NRA member—with the objective to call a broker for information on how to get started.


phase i – flow + Mockups

  • Identified all products and placed them into categories for easy navigation—insurance products for individuals, small employers, and large employers, in addition to four voluntary benefits.
  • Developed a site map to identify key pages on the website.
  • Provided mockup of the home, insurance product category page, and single product page.


phase ii – style concept

  • Color palette was provided by the client.

  • Followed NRA’s established guidelines to complement the association’s existing web presence and provide familiarity for visitors.

  • NRA’s main navigation that links all their websites together + standard footer was also implemented on the website. 


phase iii – final product

  • Final website contained 24 pages, 22 of which contained a call to action to contact a broker for additional information.