Resolution Re


  • Create a single-product website that is primarily aimed at brokers—with the objective of requesting a quote or more information.
  • Include information for providers and members in the event that they visit the site.
  • Create responsive, mobile-friendly website with simple navigation to enable easy browsing.


phase i – flow + Mockups

  • Created a site map that identified the pages needed.
  • Gathered all product information—benefits, features, pricing, how it works, and so on. Placed all important content in a document, reorganized and assigned to different pages, and rewrote and organized content in a way that was easy to navigate and digest information.


phase ii – style concept

  • Color palette was provided by the client.
  • Selected a modern Google Font. 
  • Included stock photos relevant to the product, aligned with the company’s brand tone, and provided adequate space to place text appropriately. 


 phase iii – final product

  • Final provides a product overview; a landing page for each target audience—brokers (primary), providers, and members; and a contact page to drive brokers to request a quote.

websiteKristyna Murphy