Pink Zebra


  • Create a benefits marketplace where Pink Zebra consultants can easily shop for health plans for them and their families.
  • Complement Pink Zebra's existing web presence.
  • Provide easy access to support—chat feature, contact information, and sign up for a webinar. 


phase i – flow + Mockups

  • Created a site map that identified the pages needed.
  • Gathered all product information and organized into three main categories—health insurance plan for those who are uninsured; health insurance plan for those who are insured but need help with high deductibles; and voluntary benefits.


phase ii – style concept

  • Color palette and font was provided by the client.

  • Selected images that aligned with target audience—young, female, and families.


phase iii – final product

  • Final website presented audience with a lifestyle option and then showed them the plan that works best for them based on said decision. Product overview of each product was included—benefit chart, description, and price.